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Social Media Monitoring & Listening

Social Listening and Social Media Monitoring

Are you listening to what your customers say on the social media or web? With our interactive social media solutions, we’re able to listen to the online social mentions about your brand, questions or queries from your customers or prospects, online brand mentions of your top competitors across digital channels or web pages. We also track, monitor and process the massive amount of social media conversations or user interactions and then apply unique algorithm or machine learning techniques to extract meaningful, insightful relevant information from social discussions over social media channels.

We will deliver insights reports on a weekly or monthly basis about your customer segments, user preferences, and information about the source of the social conversations that can be used to finetune or optimize your digital campaigns or media plan, identify and engage social media influencers, or proactively address pending, unanswered customer queries on social media.

Houston Business provides a Social Media Monitoring service and customised platform, which keeps track of how people are interacting with your brand socially. Social media interactions is an easily accessible way of connecting with your customers, brands and businesses and customers are using these social channels in increasing numbers to research, ask questions and provide negative and positive feedback.

It’s very important for your social media followers to feel like they’re being listened to. Customers or clients wants to know that your business or company is interested in what they have to say.

Our Social Media Listening and Monitoring service ensures that each and every questions or comments directed toward your brand are replied to constructively, which includes thanking your followers or users for their positive feedback, answering every questions and dealing tactfully with any negative feedback on your behalf.

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